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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Natural element

Rattan, Wicker, SeaGrass on floor or wall , are great materials with versatile use . They add warm and casual elegance to any indoor or outdoor space.
Source Ingram Source Brilliant Asylum Blog
Source Ballard Designs
Natural Wallpaper and Carpet
Source Grant K Gibson

Source Kelly McGuill InteriorsImages Yvonne O'Brien ID


Southern Aspirations said...

Love the integration of the natural texture. And it adds a certain casual elegance to any room. Thank you for sharing!

Freshly Found said...

I love these textured, neutral, natural looks. I am not sure about the animal skin rugs - fortunately I have never had to decide!

A-M said...

Viera, do you also provide counselling for 'natural fibre addictionS'? I can't get enough of it! a-m XX

Brabourne Farm said...

Every time I think I'll try a new look I always come back to this - perfect! Leigh

Guru said...

Me encanta lo acogedoras que quedan las estancias con estos materiales.

home stager said...

Great pics!
I love natural elements in every household. I noticed that people feel more comfortable in room which is furnished with any kind of wood or rattan.