A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Monday, February 22, 2010

Perfection in B & W and Happy Birthday Gregor

with touches of color mostly (my personal favorite) green. Just beautiful.

Source Nuevo Estilo

Also last weekend we celebrated my son's 21th birthday.
Happy Birthday Gregor may all your wishes come true. Love you so much.


Haven and Home said...

Love what the green adds!

Greet said...

Love love love the combination of green and black!

Anna said...

Great post Viera...love all of these images..and I too love small pops of colour with black and white..green is just such a easy colour to blend into any room I think. Thanks for sharing..hope you are well x

Dagny @ Beautiful Living said...

Those first two pictures are amazing!!

Brabourne Farm said...

It's hard to beat this gorgeous colour combination. Leigh

eva said...

Just found your blog today, very inspiring, found many elegant style way of decorating.

Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Eva - www.luvdecorating.blogspot.com

A-M said...

I can't believe you have a 21 year old son Viera. What's the secret to looking so young! I wear all the sleep deprivation in my life on my face! Congratulations to your lovely boy! A-M xx