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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kate - Florence -Vespa

Collaboration of Icons
Kate Spade
Florence Broadhurst
read more Here and Here


Anonymous said...

Hi Viera,

Kate Spade just gets better and better. Who would have thought to cover a Vespa in a glorious Florence Broadhurst print?? The mind boggles :)

Kel x

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh! I have a not so secret longing to own a Vespa!!

Kifus said...

Love the polka dot dress!

Mimi said...

Oh I just love those Vespa's and the colours are gorgeous! Mimi xx

Renée Finberg said...

i want that vespa!!


Ann said...

Oh I love anything Kate Spade ♥

And I'm drooling over those Vespa.

Claudia Lane said...

she sure has fun designing, doesn't she?
I can't wait to see those vespas on the streets of Rome...a very stylish ride :)
Claudia xo

Portland Sunshine said...

i adore her style