A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Friday, September 13, 2013

Back from Holiday

Krakow Poland

Krakow Poland

Demenovska Ice Cave Slovakia

High Tatras Slovakia

Cicmany Slovakia

Cicmany Slovakia

Prague Czech Republic

Saturday Market Angers France

Angers France

Villandry France 

Les Jardins Suspendus de Marqueyssac , France

Beynac et Cazenac 

Beynac France

Market day at Martel France

Amazing Rocamadour France

Brissac, France


I can't believe our holiday is over. We had a wonderful time exploring new places and enjoying old ones. Meeting family and friends. Saying bye to our daughter staying in France on exchange student program.  
I miss Europe already. 

...now .. back to wonderful Brisbane and our work



Nola Grasby said...

Beautiful photos xx

Melinda said...

Stunning photos Viera, what a marvelous trip. I'm pining for Europe now too!

Monica said...

Amazing and beautiful. I enjoyed seeing the ice cave not often you see a pic on that. How exciting for your daughter to study in France. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the GREAT WORK NOLA... gotta love that ARCHITECTURE... How about those Mountains---ENJOY Enjoy YOJNE


Jenny Short said...

I'm speechless over the gorgeous photos of all the places you visited. Amazing! xo Jenny