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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Michael Devine

(Note: I just come back from hospital (since last Friday) and I have to say after my family I missed you - lovely bloggers a lot). Will respond to all your emails soon.)

New Collection of Michael Devine fabrics hit the shop

Photo and idea from The peak of chic
In Australia these fabrics are distributed by Oliveaux


ness lockyer said...

That shop front is gorgeous Viera.
Ness xx

Porchlight Interiors said...

Hope you are ok Viera! I love Michael's fabrics - we are using some in an upcoming project - very exciting. That shopfront is amazing - I would love to see more of this style in Australia. Tracey x

mondo cherry said...

Beautiful fabrics. Sorry to hear you have been in hospital - hope you have a relaxing week!

OLIVEAUX said...

Hope all is Okay! Thanks for the mention & all your kind comments. Amanda x

viera said...

Thank you ladies for your lovely comments and wishes

The Devine Life said...

Just found you- thanks for the mention.