A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Magdalena Aguilar

Magdalena Aguilar - versatile designer. Her interiors cover full range of styles from traditional, country, modern.. Love the use of geometrical pattern with an antique chair and a coral decoration.

Dark walls make such a sophisticated statement.
Comfortable porch seating.An antique rail lantern is very interesting touch in any interior.
Lovely kitchen with beautiful ceiling, clever lighting and mosaic tiles.


Tina said...

that first room is so so stunning!


My Notting Hill said...

gorgeous interiors - love the brown walls and the railway lanterns!

Catherine said...

Great rooms - I've never heard of this designer before, so thanks for sharing. Love the last two especially.

Linda/ "Mom..." said...

What truly fabulous spaces ~~~ BUT, the MOST EXCITING thing was seeing Pictures # 2 & #3~~~~ they were SOOO very much the late, great Mr. Billy Baldwin, weren't they? How I'd LOVE to see what he feels about today's design & what HE would do! THANK YOU ~ a special treat! Linda in AZ, USA/ RMS "Mom of a German Shorthair"

Linda/ RMS "Mom of a German Shorthair" said...

(NOTE: Oh my gosh, I did NOT mean to take credit away from the FABULOUS talents of Ms. Aguilar~~~ I was just as close to a "student" of BB as a young reader/follower could be, "waaay back when"!!! Ms. Aguilar is UNDOUBTEDLY a true talent! Thanks, Linda

columnist said...

I agree, these are really excellent. I particularly like the first 4 images, and the painting in the one with the coral is so inviting. The bookcases in the second image are terrific, and no doubt give added height to the room because of their brief width.

Thanks for sharing!