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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Orange Kind Of Day

Available @ VT Interiors

Liz Caan Interiors
Fantastic painting by Henri Maik

and yellow

60 x 60 x 4
$ 320.00 with free delivery in Australia
contact VT Interiors for details

Chair  available @ VT Interiors

Images: Liz Cann Interiors, Terrat Elms, Michael Lee Photography, Liz Caan Interiors, Ally Coulter Design,  Ana Donohue Interiors, Eric Roseff

Thank you all for your lovely comments. Looks like my Google account Log in  is not working on most of the blogs  while I try to comment.  So Sorry.
Please be patient with me.


Anonymous said...

I'm still having problems commenting as well (although not on your blog for some reason). Thanks for these pretty rooms. I have never put orange into any rooms and then I went to Morocco and bought a very large orange rug for some unknown reason. Now I have collecting pictures of orange rooms (or rooms with a touch of orange) to try and work it into my living space downstairs! Some of my inspiration pictures are here: http://pinterest.com/ethosdesign/orange-inspiration-downstairs/ and I think some of these will have to be added as well. Got to love impulse buying (especially large rugs that you had to carry half way around the world to get home - not sure what I was thinking!).

Melinda said...

Wow - how fab. Love the staircase with what looks like grasscloth wallpaper. Stunning. I wish I was bold enough to use a colour like this. Especially love it teamed with blue of any shade. PS don't worry comments - I've had huge problems with my comments box all week.

Jessie said...

The kitchen looks very gorgeous, it's totally my style. Love the luxe table lamp in the first image, too.


Karena said...

Viera I adore all of these images...pops of orange are favorites of mine!

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Art by Karena

Unknown said...

The first image (LOVE LOVE LOVE) and the last one are my favorites!

meenal bishnoi said...

Lovely images, viera..particularly the kitchen..and the pops of orange in the first image are just too pretty..those roses are exquisite..almost unreal!I too am having problem commenting on some blogs...have even lost half a dozen followers due to these google/blogger glitches :(..hope it is resolved soon..have a lovely day..xx meenal

Keren - The Brown Trading Co. said...

I do love a splash of orange!


Anonymous said...

gorgeous orange and peachy colors...love all your fabulous images...
I've been busy lately and haven't had the time to drop by as often but my schedule is lighter now so I'm happy to be commenting again...

hope you're having a great week...


Ângela Varela Cunha said...

I'm always excited, whenever you publish a new post, I always love the images. And today, oddly enough your post has orange as topic, well I picked coral. Diffrent shades but always beautiful results. Love.

Lilly from Lilly's Notebook said...

Do you know who painted the big colorful painting? I love it.

Lilly from Lilly's Notebook said...

Do you know who painted the big colorful painting in the picture where the blonde woman is sitting on her sofa?
Thanks so much! I love your blog!