A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


it's been something over a year since I posted about the work of
Pablo Paniagua

This time it is impressive ..again


Jenny said...

I like the navy wall which caught my eye. I've become enchanted with old Dutch maps now that I've lived here. This was a seafaring nation at one time that explored the whole world and cartographers drew many maps. Nice post but the patterns are not relaxing. xo Jenny

Unknown said...

I'll say! Thanks for sharing his work, it is unbelievably unique and gorgeous.

Melinda said...

Impressive yes, love the delicious use of materials and textures, colours and pattern in these rooms and that studding on the navy wall is fab.

Unknown said...

Love those navy chairs (in the top photo) what a talent and lovely display of his work. So much talent to see and so little time to really experience it first hand. Thanks for sharing Pablo Paniagua with us. Great post!

Claudia Lane said...

Gorgeous style, very impressive indeed x