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Monday, October 26, 2009

ART Perfection

Quick post from buying trip in Sydney. I will be back next Saturday.

I am totally in love with paintings from the last exhibition of Jack Vettriano in Yacht Club in Monaco. Few are still available.

We will use 2 m x 1.4 m canvas print of his work in one of my projects.
Work of talented Brisbane (Australia) artist Luke Barker is on exhibition at Gallery 2120 in Fortitude Valley Brisbane.

definitely worth a visit


Annie@A View On Design said...

isn't JV just divine - I'm having a few of his prints framed for my new home - now just to decide where to hang them - just divine!

Love that Luke's work too, thanks for posting about it, otherwise, I'd never know TBH

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Viera
Well Jack Vettriano's work is growning on me more each time I see it. The man in the second image though looks a little too much like my brother.. haha... the likeness is weird..

Well have a great week and thanks for bringing this art into our world. x Julie

Ideezine said...

Viera I love all art and I'm so intrigued with lots of art. This art is so user friendly and really likable. Thanks!
Great post and art snaps!


Zuniga Interiors Design Studio said...

Love Jack Vettriano's work!

Have a great day!


Greet said...

Thank you for showing us this art! I had never heard of it before.


Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Wow... cool art! Wish one of those hang somewhere at home.

Reason I wish to live in OZ? My heart was stolen of a Melbourne bloke *wink... §;-) sshhh... our secret? Really in love head over heels Viera but hard to follow my & his heart due to some reasons that you might know. Married both §:-(
Anyways, am loving our lives as it is. He's a part of it and of course "Spice of my life". He he...


Chichi and Luxe said...

in the words of rachel zoe - BANANAS! love love love his artwork!!

have a fabulous trip :)

Cyma said...

oooh these are just devine. Thanks for sharing, wasn't aware of these :)

Katrina Chambers said...

It's award time over at my blog - come on over! x

Velvet and Linen said...

Beautiful artwork.
Hope the buying trip is going well!


manon 21 said...



John said...


Can anyone tell me where I can get a print of the top JV painting, the girl sitting at the table in the white hat? My wife adores this painting and we cannot find it anywhere in the UK. I would dearly love to buy it for her for Christmas

Diane said...

Both of these artist are utterly fantastic..great find

Anonymous said...

Next Luke Barker exhibition opens October 14 2010 at Gallery 2120, titled
"In The City, There Are Sirens"