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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Products VTI Loves

Antique mirror and gold sideboard H 89x 101,5 x 39,5 available at VT Interiors
Cabinet with curtains
...shelfs, stands
for your fresh towels in your bathroom ( just an idea)

decorating with red
outdoor comfort

big antique maps

industrial furniture

more bookcases & cupboards

Edward Hopper print -Room by the sea.

China Seas FabricsCandlesAnything Ralph Lauren
Vietri Tableware & SilverwareJars -any Colour Size and Shape

Dove Houses

...and much much more

at VTI


Laura Casey Interiors said...

I think I could just copy and paste this post as to what I like! You got it! Great picks :)

Linda/"Mom" said...

* The china w/ the pheasant feathers?~~~ "To-die-for", girlfriend!!! Am headed on over to RL's site to check them out in more detail~~~ DELICIOUS!!!

Many thanks!
Linda in AZ *

meyerprints said...