A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Sunday, September 21, 2008


After checking Habitually Chic blog I ( and many other DIY enthusiast ) I felt inspired, to create, produce, construct ....simply to do something.
After few hours in the garden I am sunburned, exhausted but beautifully happy. My garden is pruned, trimmed, raked ....I took these Before (my blog entry from August) - After (today)pictures to share with you. I planted my small herb patch and it took only few weeks to go from nothing close to something. Only couple more weeks and a harvest can start.


Zelda said...

you need a couple of 100 more to make a tomato sauce , but since I'm reading your elegant blog those tomatos are cultivated only for beauty ...right? :-)

viera said...

Zelda, you are absolutely right. They are just to impress my parents who are coming to visit me here in Australia.
...and... (to be honest) for me as well, actually I quite like little bit of gardening.
Thank you

hayseed said...

never mind sauce, home-grown tomatoes need to be enjoyed one-by-one...a lovely blog!